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Early Years - Treble Time


Music-making for 0 - 5-year-olds and their grownups.

I am the founder of Treble Time, delivering music for babies to pre-schoolers and their adults in local venues.

Treble Time is an interactive music class for babies to 5-year-olds and their grownups, where educational and physical development is cloaked in fun, laughter and singing.

At Treble Time, we believe that music and singing together is an essential activity in supporting the social and emotional development of babies and young children and strengthening the bonds between adults and children.

Sessions include lots of singing, puppets and toys, dancing, instrument play with percussion instruments, creative play with scarves, ribbon rings, lycra, scrunchies and various other props to engage and inspire imagination.

All music is LIVE!

I deliver family group sessions in the West of Newcastle and can also work one-to-one, in your home, with children with learning disabilities.

Why Singing and Music Is Good For Your Little Ones?
The Science

Levitin, D (2008). The World in Six Songs. New York: Dutton.
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Use music and singing for bonding and attachment, for their development, for guiding them through the day and remember, there are no hard rules to making music. Just be sure to sing a lot, you don’t need to be perfect, just be you. Use lots of repetition, bouncing and moving and have loads of fun.

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Bonding & Emotional Development

Singing helps to strengthen speech development further and enhances feelings of closeness and emotional regulation.

Babies brains react to our voices when still in the womb, so it is never too early to start singing and making music with them.

Do this at home or, better yet, where you can play and sing together with others, support their development and make new friends.


Brain Development

Singing with children supports them in developing their listening and language skills, as well as learning about the world around them.

You can use songs to help them regulate their emotions, learn new tasks, managing behaviour and in developing routines.

Peekaboo songs are perfect examples of anticipatory play. It stimulates their senses, encourages social development, strengthens visual tracking and reinforces object permanence (even though they can't see, something still exists).



Physical Development

Singing with family and friends helps a child develop fine and gross motor skills. They will learn how to use their tongue and facial muscles to form words,

Moving to the music supports their development in strength, coordination and positional awareness as well as learning to understand their bodies needs. Encourage crawling, jumping, dancing, spinning and moving to music.

Playing instruments helps them with fine motor skills, learning to move and manipulate their fingers and toes for small movement tasks such as using cutlery, pencils and fastening buttons.

Treble Time Youtube

Songs for children and families

Find songs for your children and family to sing together. From classic children's songs to more modern rewrites, there's something for everyone! If you have a favourite, let me know and if it's not there I'll be happy to record it for you!

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