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Treble Time

Our daughter loves Treble Time! Singing, dancing and playing with the instruments brings a smile to our faces and her having the freedom to run around with the other children just adds to the fun even more!

My daughter loves Treble Time. It has become a highlight of her week. We love to see her join in at the group and sing the songs back to us. Treble Time has been wonderful. It's easy, fun and flexible. Carol is warm and welcoming and L looks forward to seeing her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

I've known you are a brilliant community musician since watching my baby boy's face light up in your sessions over 10 years ago, and watching you celebrate his own little way of being as he grew. Be proud, you are awesome!

K is nine now - she adored every singing and music session you taught ... as did I. She loved seeing/hearing your percussion instruments and red ukulele, so K got her own! Thank you for being such an important part of her childhood. She still mentions you now. thanks a million xx

I can't thank you enough. I've looked forward to every session. My daughter and I both love music group and we're very sad that our time there is over.

I wish I didn't have to work all week and the girls at school and nursery, I miss having a sing-a-long! Me and S were singing "Harry's Happy Hair Shop" yesterday while I did her hair, always a fave ha ha!

Treble Time Online and Social Distancing

Thank you Carol! Treble Time has been my therapy during lockdowns. Oh, and the kids love it too!

Thank you Carol! The videos are keeping her going. She has started "playing at Treble Time" and getting the scarves and ukulele out of her toy car.

Thank you for an hour of fun amidst all the madness of social distancing.

Friendship Choir

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. I've missed choir during lockdown.

We both really enjoyed the night. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and through it was nice and relaxed, not pressured or anything. There was a good mix of songs, from different eras and types of music, and I like your idea of having a theme each week.

I enjoyed the singing, maybe some songs weren't very familiar but so what - it's all experience! To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect but it was fun, we met some lovely people, what's not to like? I might be able to persuade friends to come next time too.

I had such a fabulous evening at choir and it was so nice to be made so welcome. What a lovely way to spend time even when you are not the best of singers!!! I have told a couple of my friends what a great uplifting time I had and they are hoping to come along too. Thank you so much.


Hadrian Wall 1900 Celebrations - Head Teacher

The children had a fabulous time even in the rain. Thanks for your patience and hopefully the school will have another project with you in the future.

Nurture Group Class Teacher

Thank you so much for the units that you planned and delivered for us this year. The children had a wonderful time.

Assistant Head Teacher

I have seen a considerable improvement in his confidence, in particular when around peers. I have also seen a marked improvement in his patience and communication with peers and teachers.​

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Nurture Group - Class Teacher

He has expressed his enjoyment in the music session and looks forward it to each week. He is very creative and has lots of opportunities to show this throughout these sessions. 

Thunder drum.jpg

Nurture Group - Class Teacher

She has really enjoyed the sessions and has started to develop in confidence over the last two months. She is able to share her emotions more and recognises how she is feeling.

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Nurture Group - Class Teacher

He is developing confidence in one-to-one situations. He is able to say how he is feeling and why he feels that way. He has really enjoyed the sessions and looks forward to them each week.

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